All pizza is good until you have bad pizza.  That new car is great until you find out it is a lemon. Oh, and, that house you bought turns out it has mold spores.  UGH.  Same with pens.  If you know Swagman, we are passionate about pens and PENS THAT WRITE!  Nothing drives us more crazy when you are at a business and they give you a pen to fill out a form and the pen does not work!

Promote Your Business With a Highly Usable Pen!

For the marketing manager who is seeking a promotional item that is affordable, desirable, and will actually find utility in the hands of the target audience, a pen makes a lot of sense. Tote bags, magnets, mugs, cards, and calendars are all fantastic promotional giveaway items, but a pen is in a class by itself. No matter how many pens an individual has, there seems to be a desire for more. Even if the pen isn’t needed immediately, it will frequently find a home in an automotive glove box, desk drawer, or office organizer. A pen is a great promotional item because it is a required daily tool for any professional worker.

Always In Demand

Given that Americans lose or toss out 1.6 billion pens every year, there’s no slowing down of how many pens we use or we need. Pens are always in demand no matter what industry we’re in.

When it comes to government bureaucracy or legal documents, pen on paper still prevails over photocopies or digital signatures. In many cases, a real signature is the only thing that’s considered official by these authorities.

Pens aren’t going anywhere and neither will the want for a free one. When it comes time to reach for a pen, we almost expect to find one for free. The idea of paying for a pen can seem vulgar when by the time we reach middle age, we must have paid for hundreds that we didn’t completely empty.

Swagman knows first-hand that pens offer amazing return on investment – the life cycle of a branded pen is a couple of months. That means that the audience you targeted will see your advertising message every day for months. If you buy printed pens in bulk, their prices are incredibly low. And that, in turn, means that those pens will reach hundreds, if not thousands of people for a minuscule price. Call us today to find your perfect promotional pen!

Robert Baker, aka Swagman has been an official member with PPAI [Professional Products Association International] since 2013 and regularly attends the annual PPAI Expo to meet with established vendors, discover new products and learn about evolving industry standards. Swagman Vegas is a brand managed by North Star Multimedia.