Greetings to my fellow EAA members! My name is Robert Baker, and I am a new member and advertiser with EAA. Part of my multimedia marketing business is commercial and stock photography, and I have always enjoyed aircraft photography, albeit I have a limited personal collection.

Swag, aka promotional products are prevalent is most sectors like airplanes, boats and car groups and associations, but we are passionate about providing QUALITY swag versus just junky stuff that people throw away. I am a Navy Veteran and Small Business Enterprise where I focus on discovering new business relationships and helping entities improve their long-term branding potential. As we all know, quality hats, drinkware, apparel and thematic but functional giveaways achieve the highest ROI in the marketing space.

Below, I have highlighted the most popular items and previous projects that might inspire you to bring your new brand or an existing brand to the next elevation! We believe in offering value, quality and exceptional service!


Using promotional products in a friendly, approachable manner can go a long way. With 78% of United States buyers owning branded drinkware, customized mugs are a great way to introduce prospects to your business at an affordable price point.


Using promotional products in a friendly, approachable manner can go a long way. With 78% of United States buyers owning branded drinkware, customized mugs are a great way to introduce prospects to your business at an affordable price point.


85% of consumers remember the advertiser who gave them a t-shirt or hat, making branded shirts and caps some of the best promo products available for businesses seeking a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness.


Our promotional watch collections come in various styles, designs, and materials to cater to different target audiences and promotional objectives.


It’s not just kids who appreciate a good sticker—adults enjoy them as well. Sit in a coffee shop for a few minutes, and you’re bound to see at least one water bottle or laptop that’s covered in stickers. Some are purely decorative, but other stickers feature brand names. There’s a reason why many companies invest in stickers.


We are a Veteran-owned small business enterprise based in Las Vegas, doing business as North Star Multimedia. There is a $750 minimum for the first order you place with us. Until we have a mutual trust and experience of regular payments, a 50% deposit is required for all orders. We bank with Chase and prefer company checks, but we can receive Zelle payments at no extra charge.

Veteran-owned small business enterprise logoWe can also process payments with a company credit card, but there is a 4.5% service fee for each transaction. Likewise, we will need a copy of your states’ resale certificate and some sort of official letterhead or document stating who has authority to place orders if you do not have a legally binding purchase order process. My business, North Star Multimedia is setup to receive ACH payments which is also an option.

Final payments are NET15. Any invoices over 30 days will be accessed a $250 administrative fee plus 4.5% on the remaining balance. Obviously, we would never want to impose that, but our vendors require us to pay within 30 days.

Test Your Pilot Knowledge!

1 A standardized procedure for conducting an instrument approach to an airport. (3)
3 A visual approach slope indicator. (4)
6 This provides information to pilots to help them navigate. (6)
7 A flight plan that covers the route between two waypoints or other locations. (4)
8 The movement of an aircraft around its vertical axis, causing it to turn left or right. (3)
11 The amount of fuel consumed by an aircraft during a flight. (8)
12 The fuselage is the main body of an aircraft, typically located between the wings and the tail. (8)
13 Heads Up Display (3)
16 Emergency low pass over the runway, to check gear or other issue before full stop landing. (4)
17 Will comply (5)
19 The small wheel at the front of an aircraft’s landing gear. (9)
23 The angle of an aircraft’s nose up or down relative to the horizon. (5)
24 An electronic device that automatically responds to radio signals from ground stations or other aircraft. (11)
25 The term “squawk” lets pilots know that ATC is going to be giving them the code that they need to program into their in-cockpit transponder for communication and identification. (6)

2 The airflow that is disrupted by the motion of an aircraft’s propeller. (8)
4 A mnemonic used by pilots to self-assess their fitness to fly, based on their Illness, Medication, Stress, Alcohol, Fatigue, and Emotion. (6)
5 To deviate from the planned route of a flight, usually due to an emergency or other unforeseen circumstances. (6)
9 The hinged flaps that you see go up and down on the wings; flight surfaces that are used to control that aircraft’s roll. (7)
10 The path that an aircraft follows during a landing approach, as indicated by the glideslope indicator on the instrument panel. (10)
14 A device that is used to secure an aircraft’s control surfaces when the aircraft is not in use. (8)
15 The traffic pattern that is flown parallel to the runway, in the same direction of the takeoff or landing. (9)
18 The process of moving an aircraft away from a gate or other parking position. (8)
20 An engine is a device that converts energy into mechanical power, usually by burning fuel. In aviation, engines are used to propel aircraft through the air. (5)
21 Rules about flying an aircraft using instrumentation and systems rather than visual cues. (3)
22 The last stage of the traffic pattern when you’re actually making your final approach and will be coming in for a landing. (5)