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2 The Ink Spots’ 1940 recording of this song title made it to No. 17 on the U.S. pop charts. The lyrics open with the words, “I love coffee…” Should have gone to No. 1 if you ask us. (8)

5 This culture of people from Ethiopia would grind entire coffee cherries, including the pits, with a mortar and then mix it with animal fat to create a paste that could be compressed into bars or balls. These snacks became high-energy, high-protein food for their warriors during raids. Today, dried coffee fruit is known as cascara and is used to brew tea. (5)

7 Yes, this elephant excrement coffee costs more than $500 per pound, or $50 per cup. The beans are sourced from the poop of elephants in Thailand, after they’ve eaten coffee cherries and excreted the pits. The elephants’ digestive enzymes are said to transform the compounds in the beans. (4)

9 It takes approximately 140 liters of water or one half of this to grow enough beans for one cup of coffee. (7)

10 An order of Catholic friars in Italy have long been known for their brown robes with pointed hoods, or cowls. Children would spot the friars passing on the street and call out “**!” which meant “little hood.” The drink later took the name—some say because of its colour, others because of its pointed peak. (10)

11 Arabica coffee, combined with rum and sugar, is the main ingredient of what liqueur produced in Veracruz, Mexico? (6)

12 A coffee bean weighs about 0.1134 grams. Baristas use about eight grams of ground coffee or 71 beans for this specialty drink. (8)

15 How many United states produce coffee not including the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico? (3)

18 This coffee expert from Turkey in brewing a type of coffee known for using very finely-ground unfiltered coffee. (7)

20 A cup of drip coffee with a shot of espresso added is called what — also a word used to describe an overnight flight on an airline? (6)

21 When you drink a cup of coffee, you should begin to feel the effects of the caffeine within these amount of minutes (before you finish the cup, if you’re a slow drinker). (7)

23 On what South Asian island did the Dutch establish the first European-owned coffee plantation in 1616? The island nation also produces tea. (6)

25 Not only do coffee grounds hold up well when wet, they also contain caffeic acid which may boost collagen levels. Equal parts of coffee grounds and brown sugar can be mixed with fresh lemon juice to make this type of body skin rub. (9)

26 In the early days of coffee, Yemen and Indonesia were the two regions that grew most of it. Ships would collect beans from the port of Mokha in Yemen, and the port of Java on the island of the same name in Indonesia, all on the same trip. What is the name of this very first coffee blend? (9)

31 To be clear, Starbucks the roasting company was always called Starbucks, but its first café in Seattle was called this. (8)

33 What Chicago-based coffee brand has a 14-letter name that means the highly educated members of a society as a group? (14)

34 Composer Ludwig van Beethoven was famous for—well, that fifth symphony I guess—but also for insisting that exactly this many beans be used to brew his coffee. He counted them himself by hand. (5)

35 What city in England hosts the first coffeehouse was established in 1652. (6)

36 This country tops all contributions to coffee culture, this is probably the strangest. Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Spa and Resort in this country has a pool of coffee that guests can bathe in. (5)


1 The record for largest cup of coffee, as of March 2022, is held by this country, which brewed a 22,738.14-litre cup on June 15, 2019 to wrestle the record away from Honduras. Fifty people worked for a month on the project. (8)

3 A Vietnamese form of coffee preparation known as Ca Phe Trung includes the addition of what unusual ingredient–also often found at breakfast? (3)

4 What cold country, where the word “kakkukahvi” refers to a snack of coffee and cake, drinks the most coffee in the world–eight or nine cups a day per person? (7)

6 In 1732, this composer wrote a comic opera called Coffee Cantata about a coffee-crazy young woman whose father tries to come between her and her coffee. (4)

7 This is the drink you order when you want two shots of espresso.. (6)

8 Arabica beans may be more highly prized for their taste, but they can’t beat the caffeine kick of this turbo bean. These type of beans, grown primarily in Africa and Indonesia, contain almost double the caffeine of their arabica cousins—just under three per cent, to 1.5% for arabica. This extra caffeine also helps make the beans easier to grow, because it turns off some pests. (7)

10 This cat owned by Texas man Jake Perry, drank coffee mixed with cream every day and lived to be 38 years old. (Fifteen years is average for most cats.) Perhaps significantly, the second oldest cat ever recorded also belonged to Perry and also drank coffee every day. (9)

11 Following a 2006 acquisition, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters changed the company’s official name. What was the name of this popular brewing-machinery company acquired by the Vermont coffee company? (6)

13 Monk’s Cafe, with its exterior proclaiming itself as “Tom’s Restaurant,” was a favorite NYC hangout for the characters of what long-running sitcom? (8)

14 A shot of espresso that has been “fixed” by adding a small amount of grappa, sambuca, or other liquor is known by what “C” term? (8)

16 This first type of event watched a coffee pot. When somebody brewed coffee in the computer lab at the University of Cambridge in the early 1990s, the coffee went fast. So fast, in fact, that they decided to set up this. (6)

17 This describes espresso poured over gelato. (8)

19 This well known city in Virginia and home to the CIA headquarters might be the only one in America where baristas never write their customers’ names on their cups. When you work for the CIA, sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name. (7)

22 What portamanteau-d beverage term was initially developed, named, and trademarked by George Howell’s Massachusetts coffee shop chain before eventually being acquired by Starbucks in 1994? (11)

24 95% of coffee beans develop as “flat berries,” but about 5% of them develop into berries with what name, thanks to their rounder and legume-like shape? Tanzanian coffee is often associated with this type of berry. (10)

27 In 2018, this country produced 3.6 billion kilograms of beans, which is more than twice as much as any other country. (Vietnam was second with 1.79 billion.) In about half a century between 1800 and 1852, this countries coffee production went from virtually nothing to No. 1 in the world, a position it has held for the past 168 years. (6)

28 During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, this German company redirected its efforts from making coffee filters to making medical masks. (7)

29 A “nel drip” is a traditional Japanese coffee brewing method that uses which fabric as a filter? (7)

30 What coffee company had the best and funniest ads in the 2024 Superbowl? (6)

32 A tea tax imposed by the British government in 1773 not only led to a raid on tea ships in this harbor and the American Revolution, it also paved the way for coffee. During and after the revolution, many Americans considered drinking tea to be unpatriotic and switched to coffee. Many never went back. Today, the U.S. consumes more coffee than any country in the world. (6)