As I craft this brilliant blog post about the benefits of ceramic mugs, yes, I am drinking coffee out of one of my custom ceramic mugs.  EVERYDAY!

Introducing potential customers to your business can be a daunting task. But almost anybody will listen to what you have to say over a cup of coffee. 87% of Americans consider themselves somewhat or full-on coffee-obsessed. Couple your message with a promotional coffee mug, so potential customers remember what you had to say long after their beverage is gone.

Using promotional products in a friendly, approachable manner can go a long way. With 78% of United States buyers owning branded drinkware, customized mugs are a great way to introduce prospects to your business at an affordable price point.

Boost Brand Recognition with Promotional Mugs

Customers have little reason to turn down giveaway mugs. In fact, 7 of 10 people wish they received promotional products more often. Your promotional message can slip seamlessly into potential prospect’s lives and give them a reason to learn more about your business.

Don’t assume that once you hand over the mug, your business will be forgotten; 9 in 10 people who receive a promotional product can recall the branding. Display your logo beautifully on a unique cork base mug. Every time a hot beverage is brewed, your business can be the center of the conversation.

Why use promotional mugs? Whether you are looking to build repeat customers, expand your reach or market cost-effectively, promo mugs are an excellent choice. Over the past ten years, Swagman has found the best vendors, including a vendor that can do a logo imprint on the bottom along with a wrap-around logo on the side.  MAXIMUM ROI!  Call Swagman today!

Robert Baker, aka Swagman has been an official member with PPAI [Professional Products Association International] since 2013 and regularly attends the annual PPAI Expo to meet with established vendors, discover new products and learn about evolving industry standards. Swagman Vegas is a brand managed by North Star Multimedia.